Main objective of the Quality Management Systems of Cowa Hellas S.A. Facility Management, which provides facilities management services, is the concern for the health and safety of the human resources of our company and our customers and at the same time the maintenance of the high quality provision of our services.

In this context, Cowa Hellas S.A. Facility Management developed the Covid Shield management system based on the relevant certification scheme developed by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS and its Management is committed to the following:

  • The continuous assurance of safety and public health in the company’s facilities (headquarters, warehouse), in its corporate vehicles and in the premises of its customers
  • The continuous observance of the health protocols
  • The full harmonization with the instructions of the World Health Organization, the National Public Health Organization (NPHO), the Ministry of Health and the competent authorities, strictly observing the existing national and European legislation
  • Ensuring the safeguarding of the personal data of its customers, associates, and employees through compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation GDPR
  • The continuous monitoring of its functions through a framework of indicators that meet the requirements and principles of the action plan and are updated at regular intervals. These indicators relate to number of training programs, staff training hours, customer satisfaction, number of cases, compliance with organizational and technical measures. Their monitoring in combination with the corrective actions taken, promote the continuous improvement which is a fundamental business value of Cowa Hellas S.A. Facility Management
  • Securing the necessary resources for the maintenance and updating of the Action Plan


To achieve the above commitments the company has adopted an Action Plan according to which:

  • Communicates the current policy and philosophy of COVID-19 contagion prevention to all stakeholders (staff, customers, and partners)
  • Provides continuous training and briefings to staff on issues of protection against transmission of COVID-19, proper use of Personal Protective Equipment and case management
  • Implements all the prescribed measures for the protection and observance of public hygiene and disinfection of all main and auxiliary areas of its facilities, in its direct activities through the services it performs at the client’s premises but also in its indirect activities, including training, business trips, administrative meetings and partner work, and all auxiliary operational assets of the organization, such as its corporate vehicles and equipment. The main measures are:
    • Systematic daily disinfection of contact points and frequent use such as elevator buttons, benches, common door handles, WCs, etc.
    • Hand sanitizers in all public areas
    • Strict cleaning and disinfection protocols
    • Provision of masks and gloves to staff and guests were deemed necessary based on the instructions of EODY
    • Enhancing the cleanliness of common areas
    • Use of special cleaners and approved disinfectants
    • Provision of printed and / or electronic information to customers regarding the Measures taken to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 as well as the obligation to comply with the rules of personal hygiene and social behavior
  • All human resources are actively involved in the observance of health protocols, continuously and throughout the operation of the company, including overtime
  • The integration of issues related to Negative Behaviors & Social Stigma in all educational programs and announcements. For this purpose, a relevant instruction has been prepared which communicates to the staff through announcements, e-mail, trainings, etc.
  • Implements an Environmental Management System according to the international standard ISO 14001: 2015 and is committed to complying with its Environmental Policy
  • Informs and certifies the mandatory observance of the prescribed protection measures by its external partners (suppliers, maintenance teams, partners)
  • Reviews and revises this Covid Shield Policy so that it is always up to date with current developments and requirements and is always in line with the guidelines available from the relevant official bodies

The principles of the Certification Scheme, as well as its objective aims and objectives, are reviewed at regular intervals by the Management of Cowa Hellas S.A. Facility Management in order to adapt to new needs and developments, legislative and regulatory requirements and to achieve the goal of stopping the transmission and spread of viruses and diseases.

Through the continuous reviews of the above, the Management is in constant search to identify both human and logistical needs. Management is committed to providing the necessary resources to meet the needs, as they arise and are shaped by the existing situations, to the maximum of its capabilities. All departments of Cowa Hellas S.A. Facility Management, have the responsibility to respond, assimilate and implement the procedures, instructions, action plans, training programs related to the management system of the certification scheme.

It is also the responsibility of the Management of Cowa Hellas S.A. Facility Management to ensure that the Covid Shield Policy is available to all interested parties, notified, understood and applicable by all its human resources and partners, with the ultimate goal of continuous, sustainable business development and activities, with unwavering commitment to its principles and the constant offer to its customers of excellent quality services. The Covid Shield policy also applies to all external organizations that use the organization’s operating facilities.