Our philosophy is to provide qualitative services that meet the expectations of our customers. The manifestation of our philosophy is accomplished by identifying and targeting the diverse needs of the customer for which we provide integrated solutions.

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Our vision is to establish in the Greek market the importance of cleanliness, hygiene and safe operation of business facilities. Our ultimate goals are:

  • Improving the quality of life of employees in their workplace.
  • Positively influencing personnel psychology, thus increasing their productivity and creativity.
  • Strengthening the business image of our clients.


Our mission is to lead in the area of Facility Management by providing effective high quality facility services to our customers. We provide on a daily basis support, guidance and encouragement to our staff in order to create a safe, functional and clean work environment for our customers and personnel.


Our goal is to pioneer in the field of facility management and improve the quality of life of our customers in their workplace, focusing on creating respectful work environments for them and indirectly for their customers.


  • The maximum possible satisfaction of our customers through a continuous quality improvement of our offered services
  • Continuous improvement in ensuring health and safety at the workplace of our customers
  • Proper communication policy with our customers
  • Implementing the most modern Facility Management techniques, technologies and products, combined with our know-how and experience
  • The continuous improvement of our environmental performance