Cleaning services

For decades, we are the answer to the needs of large enterprises throughout Greece.

We meet increasing market demands through our diverse services and high quality standards.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

The projects we undertake are the following:

  • Maintenance cleaning of premises
  • Initial general cleaning (after renovations, constructions, etc.)
  • Worksite cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Special cleaning of any kind of floors (waxing, burnishing etc.)
  • Cleaning of carpets
  • Cleaning of upholsteries (seats, sofas etc.)
  • Special cleaning services (blinds, ceiling lighting & chandeliers etc.)
  • Cleaning of external building surfaces/facades (Hydro-cleaning, Sandblasting)
  • Cleaning & protection of building surfaces (graffiti removal and anti-graffiti protection)
  • Cleaning of vessels (yachts, boats and ships)
  • Washing of escalators and moving walkways

Cowa Facility Management uses cleaning and disinfectant agents from approved and trusted suppliers who are well established in the Greek and international market.

Our customers can feel safe regarding hygiene since the combination of know-how and effective products eliminates a wide number of pathogens.

Regular Cleaning

106102942 s min
106102942 s min

Cowa Facility Management has been providing professional cleaning services for over 40 years. Our contracts range from small companies to large multinational groups, providing flexible cleaning contracts tailored to the needs of each project we undertake.

Regular cleaning is one of the main types of facility cleaning. In addition to maintaining cleanliness and ensuring hygiene, the service contributes substantially to the organization and order of the space, adding value and upgrading the aesthetics of the space.

Includes regular and repetitive cleaning at regular intervals. As a professional cleaning company, we attach great importance to meticulousness, hygiene and clean appearance. With maintenance cleaning, we effectively contribute to maintaining the value of buildings, furniture, installations and objects of all sizes and types of use.
Specialized staff from our technical department oversees the areas of management, innovation, implementation, knowledge transfer, occupational safety and quality management.
Cleaning performance is regularly monitored and documented by various quality assurance systems. Only innovative, professional cleaning equipment and high quality, environmentally friendly cleaners are used for cleaning.

Initial and General Cleaning

84928903 s min
84928903 s min

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of professional cleaning, Cowa Facility Management is able to perform demanding initial and general cleanings, prioritizing safety and efficiency. Our clients come from all areas of professional activity having special needs and requirements.

We have the necessary equipment, cleaning and care products, machinery and know-how for the quality of professional initial and general cleanings of real estate nationwide, with flexibility, reliability and speed.
The advantages of a professional integrated cleaning include the best appearance and longer life of the installation, protection of surfaces and materials, as well as the prevention of hygiene from allergies and diseases. General cleanings can contribute significantly to long-term value retention, sustainable well-being and higher work efficiency.

Special, Industrial & Construction Cleaning

54021688 s min
54021688 s min

Industrial cleaning services are a type of cleaning service performed in industrial, construction and warehouse facilities. Industrial cleaning services are usually run by an industrial cleaning company over a household or commercial cleaning company.

There are many different types of industrial cleaning services such as:

  • Laboratories – chemistry
  • Loading docks
  • Warehouses
  • Storage areas
  • Industrial equipment
  • Exhaust systems
  • Silo
  • Mechanical cleaning and degreasing of hard floors
  • Cleaning and degreasing of equipment & machinery

Cleaning of Glasspanes and Building Facades

125800367 s min
125800367 s min

The exterior of the building is your first contact with your customers. Cleaning the windows and surfaces of buildings, however, is not only a matter of appearance and aesthetics, but also an indication of the vitality of your business. In addition, it provides a better health environment for your employees.

In addition, cleaning the glass and removing contaminants contributes to better maintenance of the building, as it ensures a longer service life of the building materials.

One of the perfect and specialized departments of Cowa Facility Management is the Department of Glass and Building Surfaces.

Our experienced staff has at its disposal innovative mechanical equipment and specialized cleaning materials, such as:

  • Basket Cranes / Work Platforms
  • Water Pressing & Water Sandblasting Presses / Steam Cleaners
  • Self-propelled cleaning system using deionized water
  • Specialized Cleaning & Desalination Liquids

We also undertake the regular cleaning of your building, at the intervals you wish.

We ensure cleanliness of high standards, at the most competitive prices on the market.