Cleaning services

For decades, we are the answer to the needs of large enterprises throughout Greece.

We meet increasing market demands through our diverse services and high quality standards.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

The projects we undertake are the following:

  • Maintenance cleaning of premises
  • Initial general cleaning (after renovations, constructions, etc.)
  • Worksite cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Special cleaning of any kind of floors (waxing, burnishing etc.)
  • Cleaning of carpets
  • Cleaning of upholsteries (seats, sofas etc.)
  • Special cleaning services (blinds, ceiling lighting & chandeliers etc.)
  • Cleaning of external building surfaces/facades (Hydro-cleaning, Sandblasting)
  • Cleaning & protection of building surfaces (graffiti removal and anti-graffiti protection)
  • Cleaning of vessels (yachts, boats and ships)
  • Washing of escalators and moving walkways

Cowa Facility Management uses cleaning and disinfectant agents from approved and trusted suppliers who are well established in the Greek and international market.

Our customers can feel safe regarding hygiene since the combination of know-how and effective products eliminates a wide number of pathogens.