Disinfection & Pest Control services

Cowa Facility Management, frames the main task of the cleaning services it provides, with the Pest Control service.

Pest Control terminology is a general category, which includes the service of disinfection, disinfestation & rodenticide.

Disinfection is defined as the process of fighting bacteria, germs, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms.
Disinfection application is considered necessary to maintain hygiene and prevent the transmission of infectious diseases, especially in areas of increased congestion, such as commercial buildings, production units, ships and aircraft.

Disinfestation is defined as the process of combating all insects (cockroaches, mosquitoes, gnats, etc.). The disinfestation is applied by spraying or gel application.

Rodenticide is defined as the process of combating any kind of rodent that may invade a space and taking precautionary measures to prevent possible re-infection. It is implemented by placing bait stations, after studying the area.

Products: The products used by Cowa Facility Management are approved by the General State Chemistry, and the disinfectants are approved by the National Medicines Agency (EOF). They are approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and meet in addition to improving the quality and efficiency, compatibility and friendliness of their components to the environment and man.




Nowadays, during this critical and difficult period we are going through, Cowa is by your side with the SARS-CoV-2 coronation and disinfection service, which causes Covid-19 disease.

Through our know-how, we provide specialized solutions against the invisible enemy we face.

We recommend the application in your premises with special nebulizers, in order to ensure the hygiene and safety of your work environment.

The applications are made by specialized personnel and with the application a disinfection certificate is issued.

Contact us by email at sales@cowa.gr or by phone at 2109324806, so that we can plan the special disinfection of your space.

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