Our Company considers the protection of the environment as one of the greatest challenges to face today and for this reason, all of us in the organization recognize the environmental aspects of our business and have invested all the necessary resources in order to apply an Environmental Management System in accordance with the International Standard ISO 14001:2004.

The commitment to protect the environment and reduce the impact of our activities is implemented through the following sub-steps:

Continuous assessment of environmental impacts of our operations in order to reduce impacts through the control of:

  • disposal of solid waste
  • wastewater
  • the use of chemical cleaners

Continuous improvement of environmental performance through:

  • the annual reviews
  • establishing environmental objectives and targets
  • Commitment to comply with all relevant Environmental Legislation requirements
  • Integration of environmental issues in the design of new activities
  • Taking preventive measures to avoid emergency situations
  • Environmental education, training and staff motivation
  • Encourage internal and external communication on environmental issues
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Charity and Volunteerism are an integral part of our corporate culture.
The financial and material contribution, as well as the hands-on activities of our services, support institutions and non-profit organizations in their increasingly challenging work, while standing for optimism and human values ​​in modern society.


The respect for employees’ rights is a priority and a continuation of the company’s values for employee participation in the objectives and progress of the company. The company supports a working environment where all employees will have the opportunity to make the most of their potential and contribute to its success, while freely exercising their rights to organize, promote and defend their interests. It provides workplaces where there is no discrimination, including sexual and other forms of harassment. It also promotes the development of a working environment in which employees feel comfortable and respectful, regardless of their individuality, abilities or characteristics.

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