The policy of COWA HELLAS S.A. in Facility Management Services, aims to specify the continuously achievement in:

  • Responding to the modern requirements of Quality of the Market as close as possible to the demands of our customers
  • Preserving our obligations to our Health and Safety staff, suppliers and the community
  • Protecting the environment from the effects of our services, since we regard it as one of the main challenges we are facing today

Quality, Safety & Respect for the Environment, means that our activities are in agreement:

  • With our clients’ requirements & contractual obligations
  • With the requirements for Environmental Management in the field of Facility Management
  • With the requirements of Health and Safety at Work
  • With objective goals and specific targets at the work we set

In order to be consistent with the above, our company has adopted and applies a Unified Management System for all of our activities, which has as a primary objective the satisfaction, security and maximization of our services to our customers.

  • International Standard ISO 9001: 2015
  • Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with ELOT 45001: 2018.

Cowa Hellas S.A. with a goal orientation to the efficiency of processes, and thus, the entire Unified Management System:

  • It reviews and continuously improves service features, wherever possible
  • It publishes the current policy to interested parties
  • It communicates, explains and applies this policy throughout the organization
  • It sets objectives and improvement objectives for Quality, Environment, Health & Safety at Work, which it establishes and evaluates in terms of their achievement in the context of the Management Review.

In particular, our individual objectives are:

  • The continuous improvement of our business performance
  • Our customers’ maximum satisfaction with quality issues
  • Maximizing work satisfaction for human resources
  • Continuous development and training of staff for the entire management system
  • The continuous improvement of our environmental performance
  • Reduction of pollution and generally the burden on water recipients and soil
  • Environmental sensitization and mobilization of the company’s personnel as part of the facility services
  • Continuous improvement of work performance, awareness & communication to the personnel on health and safety issues at work
  • Eliminating work-related accidents and incidents
  • Provides the resources required for the seamless, efficient and efficient operation of each department
  • It invests in continual information and staff training to promote quality in every activity
  • It defines, measures, analyzes and evaluates the critical parameters of the processes necessary to achieve the objectives set
  • Supports both internal and external communications with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders for environmental, health and safety issues at work

We commit that:

  • We will continually assess the environmental impact of the activities held from the entire Unified Management System
  • The primary objective of reducing pollution and preventing pollution, focuses on all the services provided by the Unified Management System

It will continually improve performance on:

  • The quality and effectiveness of the Unified Management System
  • Environmental management in the field of Facility Management Services
  • Managing health and safety at work by analyzing and developing work practices, working conditions, equipment modernization, staff training, and more.
  • It will comply with all relevant environmental legislative requirements, labor law and, more generally, all contractual, legal, regulatory and other requirements pertaining to its activity.

In order to achieve the above we consider necessary and we ask for the absolute support of all the employees of Cowa Facility Management S.A.